Friends and Moving...

I just stopped to see Helen and I was trolling an artist friend of mine's facebook page when it hit me... I have so many beautiful friends. Some I can call on for help, some I might not be as close to but still love having them in my life. The thing is, I can go anywhere and I will always have people who love and inspire me. I like seeing my friends, I like being able to hug them all the time, but if we go a few days or a year (i'm crying inside right now... melinda is leaving... but that is for another post) we will still love each other. Some friends feel like it has been 10 minutes since you last spoke but in reality it has been weeks, some friendships take their time returning before the jokes flow and a common ground is reestablished but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Some friends have been around for ever some are new, but they are all mine. If we go thru with the RV thing, I really hope to come out of my shell and find new friends. We always talk about building a community but I think we have been too narrow minded with our definition. We don't have to have all of our friends in one place and just because we leave doesn't mean we aren't coming back. I love it here, but I think it is time for something new.

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