Pro Smokers. Anti Jerks

i don't think smoking should be made illegal. You see, I love to smoke. As in LOVE. I love the nicotine high, I love the feeling of the sweet smoke in my lungs. I just think smoking is the bees knees. If someone told me that American Spirit invented a loose leaf tobacco that had zero effect on the environment and left no second or third or 18th hand smoke, I would be first in line. But that is just the thing, I know how bad it is for everything so I keep myself away from it. I would never put my children or anybody else's in that position. When I was young(er) and hella punk rock and anarchist(er) I smoked all the time. I remember walking past families with kids and doing one of three things- sometimes I would put my cigertte out, sometimes I would hold it up above the kids heads or cross the street, sometimes I would be so punk I didn't give a shit. Fuck yeah! but not really. It all comes down to that for me. If you are a smoker and feel like this ban on smoking out doors in Sanoma County is infringing on your rights to destroy yourselves (which it is), be considerate. If you are going to smoke where there might be other non-smoking people, do your best not to be a jerk. Step away, put it out for a second, cross the street. Our rights depend on us respecting the rights of others. If we want a society free of government we need to have the capacity to self govern. That means being responsible for yourself and respectful of others. It also means not getting all types of butt hurt if some minor shit doesn't always go the way you wanted.

Respect yourself
Respect others
Respect Mother Earth

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