Putting Our Life into Boxes

My stash um... area... Before I began my mad dash to PACK ALL THE THINGS!!! I think this was taken around march 2nd or 3rd...

The very first packed box, ready to go. All my not-qued yarn, my cook and craft book, and possibly some roving... I can't remember.

Wait. That's not right... Stuff doesn't go in boxes, KIDS do!! These 2 small, amazing new people are completely silly all the time and so quick and eager to help (but not in any practical way lol) and happy. Little A has moods and sad times, we all do, but they are both so joyful in their regular activities. Little B thinks moving is a cause for celebration and dances or poses every where he goes. He just reached out and sleep punched me. His way of telling my to snuggle up and go to sleep.

Huz is home
Both the kids are healthy
We are looking forward to some amazing new adventures

I do live a blessed life.

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