I got some great comments on my previous post and they inspired me to fix the blogger app on my phone because I really did take pictures of the silk singles!


This is what it looks like to spin out died silk singles. The unspun silk is super fluffy and soooo soft, just a dream to spin once you get a good long draw draft (?). After I spun these singles I plied them together and I am sort of disappointed in how it looks. I mean, yeah, it is gorgeous, because it is silk died the most wonderful combination of purple and blue and green, so of coarse, it is amazing... but... it is too... heavy? BUT! I did save some of the singles to ply with my blue/green/ocean merino, and THAT yarn is perfect. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures.

That is all for now... Pretty soon, we will be in our new home and I will unpack all my yarn and make have Huz take real pictures of everything and feel like a professional artist... or... I'll just keep spinning and stashing and spinning and giving. 

PS- I forgot to link this in my Wooly Dreams post, but if any of you readers are interested in seeing more aahhhh-mazing hand spun yarn, check out Woolly Wednesday over at Spinsiration. There are some great links, but I'd love to see more so if you spin too post something!!! 

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Dawn said...

Lovely and so fluffy too. I quite like spinning silk but have mainly done from the squares or coccoons. I have to make sure I haven't been gardening and have rough skin on my hands though.

Good luck with your move x