14 hours 30 minutes.

That's how far into the week long Facebook Fast that Huz and I are doing. 14 and a half hours. We've both deleted our bookmarks, signed out and totally uninstalled the facebook apps from our phones. I keep picking up my phone, not even with the goal of looking at facebook, it just sort of happens. I'm looking at it, at the blank holes in my homescreen where the FB related things were, games and such. Sometimes I flick thru intsagram or ravelry, or take a pic of the kids, but mostly I just check the time and put it down. 

I've started a few new knits, there is a steady stream of pictures of them on my new instagram account. I'm trying to see if there is a way to feed the instaknit pics straight to the side bar of the blog... new goal. I'm wondering if my knit and blog lives will have more time or if I will end up, as it should be, playing with the kids more. I wonder if they will notice that we aren't buried in the computers as much...

I hope this fast leads us to living our lives with less online time. I'd like to quit facebook altogether but that seems unlikely. 

Here's to 153 hours and 15 more minutes of facecrack free time.

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