Days and Days and Back to the Beginning.

"We made it. We pulled up to my parents house last night, before the big stores had closed in town. so like, 8. I drove the whole way. 889 miles, me. and we made it. No one died, or was left. Not even the dog."

So I wrote that the first night after we got to my parents house. We got here a few days before Thankstaking, and I think that must be about week now that we've been here. We're trying to settle in, and effect my parents' routine as little as possible, but that, as I'm sure you can imagine, is not going well with 2 very awesomely active Littles running all over. Thank my lucky stars that The ManChild is still nursing and napping, or these few (long/short) hours we have to glean quite time from would never happen. KaBean is quite wonderful at accepting the quite time volume limits, but her attention span is not as long as The ManChild's nap span... But that's to be expected. She is awesome.

A lot has happened, and I really want to tell you about it, but my mother is trying to tell me how I'm lame.

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Hellena Post said...

Argh don't take it on!! Feel sorry for how hard she is on herself. When you point the finger, there's three pointing back at you!! Keep up your grand work of being creative and lush and the worlds grooviest homemaker :)