Knitting Project Run Down

YAY! So I finally finished Melody's Healing Hat! Woot! It was tricky going, I had to rip it out and start over a few times to get the band size right and then it was smooth working. I did a sweet little c4f all the way up till I decided it was tall enough and then some random decrease that I just pulled out of my ass er knitting book. "Yay," so thought I, "I'm done, I can't wait to give this sweet little hat to Melody. Here Man-Child, try this on to see how it fits." Oh snap! That hat is waaayyyy to small! It looks like one of those Jewish hats. Sweet, but wrong kind of hat. So I picked up the stitches on the cast on edge and knit downward. I didn't want it to be a plain band sooo I worked this cool diagonal ribbing into it. Yay. OMG it looked soooo cool! When it came time to bind off I thought no problem, I'll use the new bind off I just learned. Right? It was supposed to be more stretchy than the k2, slip rt st over lt st bind off that I usually use. Well, yes, it may be but it wasn't stretchy enough for the band of a hat for a little baby girl. I knit the end of this damn hat 3 times before I finally went on the intru-web (amazing thing, that) and found this Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off . Um, Yay it sooooo totally is like 300 x more stretchy than anything I've ever seen. So I got the hat done with this new bind off and finished this great hat. Here's a picture. I am also working on a Mohat for K Bean. It is gonna be a great skull hat with and awesome purple Hawk on top. I'm thinking of dying my hawk purple when I finish so I can match the Bean. YAY!
And--- last but not least, I'm doing a bunch of binky straps for my friends store. They will all be different but the first batch I am working on is to see how many I get out of a single ball of yarn. Wish me luck!

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