Annnd, Another Chat With K Bean (ok 2 chats, but they are sooo cute)

"punchy, punchy, punchy..."
"Hey Bean, please don't punch your brother in the head."
"I'm not, I'm just knocking him over."

Ok, so, it really was just a light closed fist tap on his head and he seamed to be having a good time but still.  And he was laying on his tummy soo...
OK, It's an old pic, but you get the idea. Just so you know, this was taken when we visited family in September,
that diaper he is wearing is now waayyy too small for him. And look how big it is in the picture!

While I was tucking KaBean (like kapow!) in just now she called me to lay down with her and then we had the following one-sided conversation-

"No Mommy, you're sitting on my couch-bed."
"oh ok but-"
"You have to get up an go away."
"but you-"
"Here, I made room for you. Quick lay down the monster is coming and I will protect you!"
At this point she wrapped her little arms around my head and started whispering "shhhh" at me. I didn't say a thing.
"Quiet Mommy, we don't want them to find us."
More silence from me.
"Here, you have to protect Charlie, I will protect you!"
Charlie is an old stuffed dog that my Grama gave me when I was maybe 8 or so and now he is Bean's dog.
"Ok Mommy, give me books to cover up, they are cold."
I gave her the books, they took my spot.
"Good night Mommy."
Good night Bean, I love you."
"I love you too. And I love Daddy and I love Man Chile and I love Isis and I love Charlie and I love Grandma..."
"Ok, give me a good night kiss."
"2 kisses!"

lol, then I left her in her couch bed and now I can hear her singing to herself. aaahhhhh I love good nights like this!

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This is soooo awesome!