Oh, I love Talking to Bean!!!

So, here I am sitting at the kitchen table watching this great birth video. The woman is gently vocalizing as she has her contractions and begins to push (not at all like me, who yelled/screamed so hard my voice was horse the next day). K Bean was on the other side of the room and couldn't see what was on the screen.

"Mommy, she's having a baby!"
"Yeah, she is."
"Like me!" Here she lifts up her shirt and pats her belly.
"Oh are you having a baby?"
"Yeah, in the bath."
"In the big bath!"
She came over to sit with me and watch the video. We talked about having babies and how we had Man Child at home in the tub, just like the lady in the video. I love sharing birth with my daughter. She always gets sooo excited when the baby comes out.
"Mommy, is she so happy she's crying?"
"Yeah, that's what Mommies do when they are soooo happy to see their babes."
"You were laughing."
"Yes, yes I was. I very happy."
I cried when I saw you too, my little love.


Myn and Lu said...

OMG! How sweet! I wanted my daughter to be there for the birth of my son, but we were in a hospital, and I just didn't know how to make it work. She was the first person to meet him though. :)

The Way of the Peaceful Parent www.peaceful-parent.com said...

What beautiful modelling Kat, lovely how the birth experience is so real and accessible for your girl, you were blessed to birth at home when so many others aim for it, yet circumstances prevent it for whatever reasons. My mother had eight children at home, I felt very proud of her for achieving that, it wasn't the norm in Ireland in those days, she had to fight for her right to birth at home, crazy I know.