Offensive Rant About Breastfeeding.

It's in the title, this might offend the formula camp. Sorry

The nursing community, including their supporters are going to take on Facebook. This is ridiculous. Many people have pointed out that it really isn't FB that hates nursing but the society that does the flagging of pictures. OK, that maybe true, but since breastfeeding is vital to a healthy baby shouldn't FB at least allow the groups to be exempt? If young women never see others nursing how will they know that they can do it? Or that it is even possible?!? People are so offended by nursing that there are laws to protect our children's right to eat. Yeah, ok formula moms in the back- did you chose to give your child an artificial milk substitute even though you had read all the science showing that formula is nutritionally inferior to breast milk? If your answer is no, skip this next paragraph, if your answer is yes- read on.
Oh yeah? You did? So you knew that your child was getting the worst possible form of nourishment but you did it anyway? Isn't that selfish? So you wouldn't quit smoking while pregnant? Because it is basically the same thing. What was your reason?... you didn't want someone sucking on your boobs? Why not? Is it an insecurity? Let me tell you, that little creature doesn't care what your boobs look like. Do you flag other moms who breastfed because on some level you feel guilty for the choice you made? I'm sure you understand that choosing to formula feed over breast feed without even trying is selfish. I understand that maybe there are some comfort levels that will be pushed. But you are a mother now and no matter what, when you become a mother, comfort levels go out the window. Other peoples puke has always made me vomit. I was never fun at parties in college because I couldn't stand the smell of puke, holding my friends hair back was almost always out of the question. The first time the bean pooped and I had to change her I thought I was going to vomit all over the world. But you can't leave a baby in a poopy diaper, that is part of life. You don't chose wether or not to keep baby clean, so why would you chose not to give the baby good nutrition?
To the moms who said "No, I didn't chose formula, it was chosen for me..." That is ok. Did you try? Well, you tried your best. Did your Doctor tell you the baby was failing to thrive? Well, keep in mind he only spent 2 hours learning about BF in medical school so what does he know. It is OK, you were scared by someone you trusted. Did your baby have a bad latch? I'm sorry, I know a good breast pump is too expensive and it isn't even an option for me. Did you have to go back to work to support your family? Gah- that sucks! you should be allowed to stay home with baby for at least a year to breastfeed and bond with your new bundle. To the moms with sick babies in the NICU, I am so sorry and I pray that the babies get well and go home soon, but don't give up! Did you just not know any better? I am sorry, but hopefully when you have your next baby there will still be groups on Facebook to help you down the breastfeeding path. To all of you- Please check out Eats on Feets a global milk sharing community. ppl milk 4 ppl babies!
Ending the discrimination against breastfeeding will help all mothers to do what is best for babies. It is up to all of us to educate and spread the word about breastfeeding because the children are our future and they deserve the best from their community, not just their parents.

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