Sooo Facebook Still Hates Nursing

Yup, the war on breastfeeding is still on in a major way. A great support page The Leaky B@@b, has been deleted, leaving thousands (yes really, this page had over 2,000 "likes") of nursing moms without the online support many of them had come to rely on. I know there are so many women in this world who need all the help they can get from on-line communities because they don't get it at home our from family or friends. Luckily, for the most part, have not been one of those people. My people all consider the boobs the only way to feed children. My mom nursed all 3 of her kids AND went back to work and that was in the '80s. My man was never really exposed to it, but when I told him I was going to BF our first child for at least 1 year, hopefully 2, he had no problems and supported me every step of the way.
But not all women are so fortunate. This young woman didn't even know babies were fed from the breast but when she found out about it, that is what she did. Or all the moms with mastitis who want natural remedies before they pump themselves full of antibiotics. Or the women who get weird or mean looks when they feed their babies in public. The Leaky Boob was a place they could go for the encouragement they needed to keep on keepin' on. And now, thanks to facebook, these moms, and many others, are now internet homeless. Where are they supposed to go when their mother in law asks them to go to another room or the restaurant manager tells them to nurse in the bathroom. Ummmm people poo in the bathroom, why would I want to give my child food in the some place people poo? For now they go to the Bring Back the Leaky Boob page, which is really more for people trying to petition Facebook to reinstate the page. Or they go to the TLB Support page. But it just isn't the same.
And, no, The Leaky isn't the only place online for nursing mothers. But the problem is that FB keeps deleting pages that promote breastfeeding. They keep deleting pictures of nurslings. Yet they allow neo-nazi groups and naked body paint groups and dead baby joke groups (which I will not link. They don't deserve our traffic).
So what is really offensive, Facebook?

The first time I ever nursed. K Bean's first time too. 3 years ago

My Man Child Nursing at 4 months. 

Or this (yes, I found these on facebook)

no, it is not a real penis, but damn! sure is graphic.
this was someones profile pic.

So to combat Facebook's blatant discrimination against nursing mothers there will be an on-site nurse in at the gates of the corporate headquarters in Palo Alto Ca. This friday at 12:30.

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