Sometimes I Want To Break Up With This World

So some one tried to (or has succeeded... i don't know yet) kill a congress woman. I feel so unprepared to write this post, but so sad by the state of our whole world and confused because back in the day before I had my babies and discovered peaceful birth, I really thought there could be no solution without removing all politicians from power. I was a crazy anarchist for a while. I still, in some deep part of me, think we should do like the phoenix and rise from our own ashes... but can we skip the whole part where we burst into flames? I have babies who I would rather never had to see something like that. In fact, when I was young and could see our world falling into shambles, I sited the coming turmoil as the best reason to NOT have kids. But then I met Wade-O and fell in love and we started talking about a family. I still wasn't sold on the idea of brining little ones into this shit storm and then I found out K Bean was on her way and my thoughts changed over night. Children are our future. Only if we have a future to leave them.
playing on the kitchen floor because what do they care, they have a floor to play on.

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avocadogirl said...

Yeah, when tragedies like this happen we want so badly to separate ourselves from the evil. It cannot even be explained, which makes it even more frustrating.
I'll bet our parents felt the same way when we were growing up. I wonder how our kids will receive news when they are older too. We don't watch tv, so P won't just see this stuff. I'd imagine they'll have their own news apps on their i-whatever gadgets. Hmmm. But I'll still have to figure out how to explain it all.