Hi, I'm back. I tried to post new pics from my phone in my beloved laptop's absence but this stupid house hates cell phones. Which in the scheme of things is probably a good thing. At some point in the last two years one of my beautiful children (not, it wasn't me.) got the track pad stuck. Probably from touching food then the computer (i swear! i learned my lesson after i poured juice on my last one!). It's all better now, and even though it sure wasn't free, it also didn't cost as much as a brand new one. That's what happened to the last one. We took it in and they sort of whistled and laughed and said "it will cost more to repair this one than get a brand new one with some bells and whistles. i can't belive this still works-ish." So, I'm back. Huz got me a brand new point and shoot camera and I'm so in love with it! I can't wait to sit down and plug it in and get some nice pictures up here. 

In kid news: The ManChild is going to be 2 in 4 days! I thought I was lame for forgetting my birthday, but I almost forgot his too! There goes my MoY. I have no idea what we're going to do... I want to do something that celebrates his presence in our family... I have some bizarre dislike for birthdays but I really don't want it to carry over to my kids, but here we are in this strange city, no friends his age so no one really to invite... typical birthday party setups are depressing when there aren't at least some other people... I have to figure out an alternative to the Birthday Party and do a Life Celebration. He is so amazing and special and having him in my life has deeply changed the way I see the world. He wanted me to knit him the Piglets from Spud and Chloe, but I promised Huz I wouldn't buy any new yarn until we move...

Oh yeah! We're moving again. Las Vegas is not us. This is not a place we can raise this family and grow into ourselves. So we're leaving. We have a little bit of a plan, which is more than I can say for when we moved here. We're all excited to go to the next place, and the packing and sorting has (sort of, not really, shit. i'm already behind. awesome.) begun.

The only thing that has really started is the stash busting. I'm determined to get rid of yarn I don't love, wont use, forgot buying. It has to go. I want my stash to fit in ONE large tupperware bin. Except for the 2 large bags of bulk fiber. I'm sorry, I am not parting with that pound of alpaca or whats left of the merino top. No. and you can't make me. I love it. I'm trying to cast on and finish as many things and humanly possible without completely neglecting the children. That being said, I haven't started anything new since finishing Martinams. Oh yeah, I finished Martinmas and it's blocked and it's beautiful and you'll love it, but I'm not posting any pics till it gets to it's new home. (it's? its? grrrrrr) Oh snap, I finished the Not-Noro-2 Row-1x1 Rib scarf too. And the hat Hat I tried to start last week at knit night got frogged soo.... let's review...

On needles right now: 
Pereptual First Socks
EZ Baby Surprise Jacket (but it's stalled for a moment, I think I might run out of yarn)
Paternal Twin Shawl A
KaBean's New Spud
Oh, that ugly sparkly mess of a Hat for KaBean
well, the old stand by of that Borealis Crop Sweater, but I sort of hate it... honestly, I feel horrible, but I might frog it, but that yarn hates that, maybe I'll just bind it off in random places and call it a day, I can get rid of the rest of that Borealis and call it a day.
and Grandma Pam's Shawl Blanket thing. I'm still out of yarn on that, so it is on hold as well. yay.

Ok, tonight at Knit Night I'm learning the provisional cast on. Watch what I do.

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