Jane Austin, Zombies, and Ginny's Yarn Along

This week, again, I'm joining Miss Ginny over at Small things sharing what I've been reading and knitting. There are always some really inspiring links, so you should go over and check out the whole list...

Now we all know about my latest pattern book obsession, Jane Austin Knits Summer 2012. But did you know about this book? Pride and Prejiduce and Zombies. It's amazing. So, I've been knitting out of Jane Austin Knits, reading a Jane Austin inspired zombie book, and drinking tons and tons of Organic Darjeeling Tea out of my very fancy tea pot with matching cup and saucer. Enjoy...

Knitting needs more access to Zombies. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I will be prepared to knit you warm garments and gracefully behead the unmentionables.

This book is rad. Much of the dialogue remains the same as in the actual Pride and Prejudice and a lot of the plot points are the same, but there is awesome dialogue about unmentionables and samurai training and then zombies bust in in the middle of the ball at the beginning of the book and oh my goddess, I can't wait to get further in the book. 

My beautiful hand spun, hand knit, lace collar, shown here with with the handspun silk I'm hoping to use to make the matching...

Mitts! I totally love this pattern, but there is a huge problem. Massive. The stitch gauge for the mitts and the gauge for the yarn are different by 10 stitches. So since there are no thumb holes in this pattern, I was thinking I'd just remove 1 of the 12 stitch lace repeats and go from there...? Maybe maybe?

Here's the Hat. It's done. It's wonderful. It makes me head look like a Penis. But the girls at knit night were all nice enough to say it doesn't. But it does. They can't fool me.

This pretty pretty lace weight yarn will become that beautiful shawl which for some reason they designed in the horrible horrible orange. Problem with this pattern? It calls for beads, and I'm not sure I have enough yarn, or even the needles I need to get started. 
Pretty, yeah?

My reading stack, it includes Elizabeth Zimmermann for good knitting measure.


Kitty Rose said...

This post made me laugh out loud! I love the idea of knitting something suitably Jane Austen-like while reading about Zombies in one of her settings. :)

That lavender yarn is so pretty. I'm sure the hat doesn't make your head look like a penis. It's probably just the light you were in when you tried it on the first time (am I fooling you yet?).

I love your intro and I shall be popping back to see how you survive the beading. :)

Ballerina Baller said...

hey! thanks for coming by! i'm glad you found it all at least a little funny ;)

totally not fooling me, even Huz thinks i should not wear the hat out in public... maybe i'll post a pic of me wearing it, then you'll see.

come back anytime!

omlair said...

I don't know what penises you are looking at, but if they're green you need to stay away from them.

I've avoided P&P and zombies because I thought it would be really bad! Perhaps I need to reconsider!!

Great post, you have yourself a new follower!

Ballerina Baller said...

now, P&P&Z isn't the art that JA's P&P is, but it is entertaining. it's a fun read that an avid reader with no distractions could probably finish in a few hours, or days really, lol. it's easy to read in small spurts when i have time.

i'm so glad you enjoy, plenty more knitting fuss to come!

DesertSnowdrop said...

I love all your projects...my gosh you have so much going on!

Ballerina Baller said...

it seams that way, doesn't it? lol. tons of fun to keep me interested!

a soulful life said...

What beautiful yarn and wonderful work!
We love Austen! Austen and Zombies sound like a pretty awsome proposition :)

Mary said...

I loved that book and please post a pic of you wearing the penis hat!