Super Trooper

So I took my laptop back to the Mac Store today seriously worried that they were going to look at me and tell me I just have to buy a new one, this one is so screwed up. For real. My palms were sweating, I almost didn't knit (but i did, you knew that).

Jane Austin was cast off while I waited for my Genius to be ready. A very nice young man noticed I was knitting and made the mistake of asking me about it. I tried not to gush about learning the Crochet Provisional Cast On, or the fact that I spun this yarn... Ok, I might have mentioned that. He pretended to be impressed. It was a good trip for me.

When I got a seat at the Genius Bar I found myself sitting to a young woman turning her (bigger, faster, newer) laptop in to get it's trackpad replaced. I sort of chuckled under my breath "that's why I came in the first time, now my battery is broken." She looked frightened and left. When it was my turn the Genius assigned to me listened to my tale of woe and said "oh, I bet they didn't reconnect the battery all the way when they put it back together." But he explained he still had to plug in the diagnostic equipment any way, just to make sure he said. So he stood there pulling up Mac Genius Diagnostic Menu Windows and let out the Low Whistle. You know the one. They did it to my last computer. They sorta did it to me last time I brought this one in. The Low Whistle, followed by the words "this is some sort of record."

think about that

what could that possibly mean?

what the hell.

"This must be some sort of record, most of these batteries last at most 4-440 full recharge cycles. At most 450. See this number here? This says your battery, in this computer, has been thru 1,062."

1,062 full charge cycles. One thousand.

And because I am a mathematical genius, especially when the AC is out in my car during the hottest week of the summer, i haven't told you about that yet have i? I said, out loud, in front of people "that's like more than double." He didn't even point and laugh, he just said "yeah, by a lot." Then he took it to the back room, where the Geniuses give the computer over to Santa's Elves. They were gone a while, during which time I catted up a lovely old lady about how our computers are sentient beings who can feel our love and devotion. It started when I told her I thought my laptop might be breaking up with me and she sighed and said "Mine too." We had the same Genius, I think he might have thought we were both insane. I don't think the knitting helped. Anyway, the Old Lady and I jumped everytime someone came out of the Bat Cave until finally it our Genius with my laptop. He told us, because Old Lady and I were now a team, that all he had to do was readjust the battery and voila, it would take a charge! It is totally fixed! I'm so stoked. It works. I can sit where ever I want and work on my laptop.

My hero.

So now, with my new camera and my working laptop, I can commence with the knitting and kid pictures! yaya!

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