Jane Austin Knits Summer 2012

You need this. Really, you do. No, all of you. If you knit, if you know a knitter, if have thought in the past about knitting, if you know nothing of knitting, but have love Jane Austin or Collin Firth- you need this. Honestly. There are 31 patterns in this book and I honestly believe there is a realistic chance that I might knit half the things in here. Dude, the first pattern is a tea cozy. And for a knit book or magazine, that's a lot. I usually get to one or two patterns per book. But there is so much in here! I'm already on my second project. In a row. I finished the collar I started at Knit Night Last week and right away cast on a hat.

Blocking the first half before picking out the provisional cast on (the pink, obviously)

HaHA! It's working! sort of. Darn Pink Cotton

In the bath because I was horrified by the way increasing 100's of stitches in a matter of 2 rows look. ah, the magic of blocking.

the center has been pinned out in this pic, but the ends are still all crazy pants.

See? Red pin, blue pin, no pin? Hella not cute looking.

But behold. It's perfect. I have tons of finished pics of this and the Martinmas Shawl And NN2R1x1 Scarf. and probably a hat. but you have to wait for them

The official name of my "Collar to Warm Me in the Desert?" is Evergreen Lace Scarf, and it is totally worth knitting. Totally. It took me 8 days from learning to cast on to blocking it on my floor to being folded and in my pile of impractical knitwear. I changed the yarn, I used some of my handspun from before we moved, so the gauge was off a little, but not really enough to change the size, but the drape and texture looks totally different from the picture in the magazine. I also changed the the garter stitch in the beginning to to stockinette because the handspun felt too stiff. I love it. When I blocked it, it got so soft, so smooth. It bloomed. Like wooly, ocean colored flower. Finishing the Collar was really nice. I used up some yarn that I made with my own hands and I'm really pleased with the result.

Now I've cast on this Hat in this Yarn and I love it, and I'm already done with the band. yay! more later. I hear children in the kitchen.


petka said...

This is an amazing magazine! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Ballerina Baller said...

@ petka, it is truly one of my all time favorite knitting books. each pattern has a little story with it about how it ties in with one of JA's characters and several articles on clothes making in her time. worth every cent!

Raquel from Florida said...

thank you for the pictures! I still cannot believe I'm knitting the same project....It does not look like yours!

Ballerina Baller said...

@raquel... i love knitting! different knitters, different yarn, same pattern... totally different project! so cool!!!