Knitting. (you know you love it.)

The Queen Moebia... I think I took these pictures the first time it was frogged.  The pattern is a basic feather and fan repeat around the whole moebius shape, it's like knitting in a figure 8 with live stitches on both ends and the cast on row in the middle. It really is an amazing cast on, the Moebius, but for some reason, I cannot settle with this pattern. I love the yarn, Wanda gifted it to me after seeing it in her stash and knowing the colors are perfect for me (actually as I write this, I know just who will get it) and I LOVE the yarn! I really enjoy the cast on, I should since I am currently on the 6th attempt at defeating this pattern. At first I thought I might like it better if the "bottom" portion were a plain stockinette stitch, but then that was lame, so, I started over. Then I thought I'd try a purl version of the same feather and fan, but that was also lame, then there were a few more attempts at changing the pattern, and last but not least there were several craptastic attempts at simply casting on at knit night last week before I succeeded in starting the fucking thing a sixth time and am now well on my way to finishing it. Finally. But I still don't know if I like it. 
Pro Tip- Learn the technique used before trying to change the pattern. I've never seen a Moebius in real life, so I have no idea how it is Supposed to look. 

Hetty's Sunday Cuffs are not the problem, I am. Why do I try to get fancy with the patterns? Do I think I know so much that I can just go against the very logical and well thought out instructions of the professionals? What am I thinking. I love the yarn (what can I say? I love yarn), more of the same hand spun I used for the collar, with some hand spun silk to stretch the wool and add some color. I thought I would change the lace pattern around the  wrist, so I pulled back and reknit with my idea of what it should be, but I think I hate it and love the pattern as is and so I need to pull this back too. But that's ok, I have new pearl stitch markers from Wanda so it'll at least look amazing.
silk picot edge with wool cuff inside


close up of lace pattern... that is the pattern with a different M1, it is far better to the total improvisation I came up with.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for knitting! And stitch markers! :) you have a pretty cool blog here, sweetie! -Wanda