Packing.... Again....

It's true. We're on the move again. We've spent almost 6 months here in Las Vegas and it's time to go. We knew we weren't going to stay here thru the holidays. We had hoped and prayed that it was time for us to move out to the East Coast. We were ready to look for our "back-east-farm" but thankfully, that isn't to be... if we had left on our time line, we'd have been somewhere on the road on our way to Maine when Sandy hit. So instead we find ourselves heading back to the Bragg, back home. It isn't what we had planned but as my dear and beloved Huz keeps saying "Everything happens for a reason, Baby."

Packing up this house is interesting... We really haven't acquired anything since moving out here, we always knew our stay here would be temporary. For some reason, packing this time doesn't seem as urgent or organized. Honestly, this time around, I am calmly(ish) putting random things in random boxes and taping them shut. Books and toys and unused kitchen items. Towels and clothes and scarves and diapers and kid art and a big huge belly cast... my life in boxes. It's an interesting sensation.

I packed my yarn stash in 2 parts. The first part, the majority of the stash, is going into storage...  All of the yarn that doesn't have a concrete project idea has been stored, as well as most of my spinning and knitting books and magazines. All of my spinning wool, except for my drop spindle project, has been either spun or packed... mostly packed. Also in these 2 large tupperware bin are all of my swatches and my stash blanket. 

I'm really sad packing up my stash this time, I don't honestly know when I'll be spinning again... We have a goal in mind of where we want to see our family in 6 months, but in our experience, things rarely go to plan. at all. ever. Sorry about the dark quality of these pics, I think it was late at night when I finished...

And the Second Stage of my yarn packing: The Traveling Stash.... A collection of my drop spindle and other tools as well as a huge stash of my hand spun, pattern books, magazines, project yarn, and all of my needles and notions.

I'm very proud of my fiber packing skills this time around, although I am more than heart broken to leave my wheel behind in storage, but there really isn't anything I can do to stop that. 

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Hellena Post said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, cause it brought me over here, and you look AWESOME! Love your stashes of fleece and yarns and your other life philosophies and your babies and the little touches like that spiral you did with the end of the yarn after you'd knitted, and the circles in the sand.... And I just wanna stick my neck out here and tell you that with your minimal stuff, and your beautiful yarns, and gorgeous kids......I think you're actually an awesome homemaker. Bringing all that love and feeling and texture and joy into a home....what a woman!