A Shawl Update/Love Fest and Other News

I"m almost afraid to finish the shawl, this beautiful concoction of wool and silk and time. I almost didn't spread it out in my lap to fondle count the remaining rows and see how it looks all spread out. OK, well, I didn't spread it out, but I did count the rows. I have no new pictures of the progress, so I thought I could take this opportunity to show off the hand spun, hand knit hat I just finished for The ManChild and the new lace shawl I started...

wait, he's fast.
says his shirt.

maybe almost 2 year old little boys are not the best to model mommy's knit wear.

oh, that's better. this is spun out of some of the polwarth I got last summer's Boonville Fair plied with some merino left over from Helen and the plain white stripes are some home spun super fine merino. This is my first hand spun, hand knit project. unless you count the cowl i did when i started, which i don't... Any way, I love it and I am very proud of it.

And the very beginning of a new lace shawl. Pattern and details soon, but I'm going back to the Shawl, because it needs me and I love it. But I don't want it to end, but I want to be done so I can block it, and it seems like this garter stitch section just goes on forever.............

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