Everything Might Be Broken?

And by everything, I really just mean the internet. And by "the internet" I really just mean the internet on this particular computer. I can't check facebook at all. Twitter, Ravelry, and most blogs I frequent seem to be, according to my personal Safari program, to be impostor websites that are trying to steal my  personal information. Blogger can't recognize any of the new pics I uploaded to iPhoto yesterday. I have no idea what is going on. Facebook looks fine on the backup computer and things still sort of work for me, but not really. I wanted to update my Rav Project page, but it wont let me and now I'm sad. I wanted to post pics of the adorable pompom on The ManChild's hat, and pics of the Not Noro 2 Row 1x1 Rib Scarf, and pics of the first of my Paternal Twin Shawls, but Blogger still can't see my new pics, so that's out too. I'm really just stopping in to tell you all that the shawl is done and my new friend from Vegas Knit Night is going to come over and help me block it. Also, Huz will be back from Japan tomorrow sometime with some really brilliant Miyazaki toys for the kids. 

Speaking of the kids, this week has been one of crap parenting, but I think we're out of the woods now... Oh, nursing, why do you have to slow down? 2 + years since the conception of The ManChild, no monthly ordeal. at all. since conception. I guess I should consider myself lucky. But man, I hate this part of womanhood. Buying feminine hygiene products gets me all riled up: just another part of nature that only women have to pay for. Add tampons to birth control and it seems like women have to pay for everything to do with reproduction. How stupid. 

Anyway. Huz comes home tomorrow. Possible escape to Knit Night on my horizen. Cross your fingers for me.

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