If I Want To Change My Life...

I will start by cleaning out my fridge and cabinets. That is tomorrow's sloppy-less task. Fridge. Cabinets. Done.

In other news, I still love my projects. The Shawl is coming along nicely, 2 whole sections done with nary a tink or frog. I think I might have found a flaw, but tomorrow I will wash the swatch I did of this yarn months ago to see if my fears are justified. The BSJ is also still lovely, the colors intrigue me to no end. But I am quite enamored with the Shawl so it isn't coming as fast as it could be. Also, I have a new Yarn Room Mission: to rewind all my yarn cakes into skeins and give them a good washing. And I think this might be fun for KaBean to help with. She needs more activities that can be done indoors. Also, I am thinking of starting the Knee High, Toe Up Socks for Kiely. I have the yarn and I kind of love it, but maybe I'll start something different, or really, I should busy myself with rewinding all those skeins.

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