Gratitude Sunday

I'm joing Taryn over at Wooly Moss Roots for her wonderful list of a week full of things to be grateful for...

~In this economy it is hard to justify taking the whole family to see a movie, but this week Huz took all of us, both kids, both of us, and his teenage nephew to see the new Madagascar movie. It was a ton of fun, I don't know that the movie was all the way worth the $3million for tix and popcorn, but the experience was. I think it was The ManChild's first real movie and he loved it. I loved watching his face when ever there was running or flying or dancing or and -ing, really. That boy sure does love his action words. lol.

~There were many new experiences for the kids and I this week.
     -I went to a local Knit Night all by myself. This is major because sometime after KaBean was born,            my anti social tendancies really took over and now I get this horrible, shaking fear right before I meet new people. I've never really been a large-gathering-full-of-strangers type of person, I need to have at least one person I know involved and close by so I don't feel fully freaked out. Jodi knows, she's been taking me to parties since before I was brave enough to drive. But I went to the Knit Night because I knew I was going stir crazy and for the sake of my self and my family, I needed to get out, have adult conversation, feel my blood rush and tummy drop. I feel better. Balls out.
     -KaBean Sat thru the whole movie. She is like me, I think. Well, she loves meeting new people, but she is very sensitive to loud sounds and big energy. Our movie theatre back in the Bragg isn't really loud. I mean sorta, but not really. The theatre we went to the other day was verrrryyy loud. I was worried that she was going to cover her ears and want to go home, which we would have done, even after the $80bajillion $3million tix and popcorn. But she didn't. She asked me if I could turn it down and I told her no, but offered to take her home if she wanted. She said she wanted to stay so we watched the whole movie. She left happy and talking about the movie, so I guessed she survived. yay!
     - We went to a block party at Huz's gym. It was soooo not my idea of fun. *see above* There was loud music being DJd from the balcony and pumped out of unnecessarily large speakers, there were people all over the room trying to yell at each other over the music. And it was in a gym. But we survived. Huz was in his element, shaking hands, networking, holding the kids, I was impressed. He doesn't read this ever, so I can say nice things from time to time. Not too often incase it gets back to him, but really, I love watching him work, I always have. He sort of glows or radiates awesomeness and people are just attracted to it. The ManChild had fun, he likes to see lots of things all the time, and KaBean warmed up to it eventually, though she did tell me she disliked the loudness of it all several times, but each time I offered to take her home, she refused. *shrug* Another new experience for her that she totally kicked. I'm loving watching her grow. Very very cool.

~I spent the BBQ outside on the phone with one of my closest and falls into the category of "friends since elementary school". She has been one of the women in my life to show up with backed goods when I needed it most, my kids love her dog and her husband. She's rad. Anyway. I spent the whole time outside in 100 (how do i make the little degree sign?) degree heat because she is awesome! Lime for real, I'm so proud of her right now, I can't contain myself, but I will. Maybe she got a promotion. Maybe they are buying a house. Maybe she baked her fist vegan pizza crust from wheat she grew in her back yard. Who knows? But I love her, and I'm thrilled to bits!

I know this isn't totally a list, more of random little bits of my week, bits that rocked or were learning moments. I'm grateful for this life I lead and the people I have around me. It's time to stop focusing on the negative and really embrace what is here, in front of me. I'm going to crack my desert gardening book and scour the internet and stop wishing for a farm and create one. Even if it's a bust the kids and I will have fun. Plus, all our showers take for ever to warm up so it'll be nice to have something to do with that water.

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Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Hi Kat!
Fun to see your list. Good for you to step out of your comfort zone a little and for making your dreams happen rather than waiting. :)

Love, Taryn