Perhaps, Pictures?

This hat was inspired by EZ's color practice hat and knit entirely with my own handspun. I wanted a way to use up some yarn, and realized I have never knit anything with my own yarn and this seemed the perfect project. Especially because I managed to use up all of each ball! This hat is a few firsts for me, first handspun hand knit project, first color work, first successful pom pom. I used the plain white thick thin single as the secondary color and put twisty stripes going in the same direction as the decreases because i knew there wasn't enough of the beautiful color to get all the way to the top of the hat... I am totally thrilled with the pom pom on top, it is made with the remainder of the thick thin single and is totally funky and twisty and kinky and I love it! The ManChild loves it too. The hat knit up in a matter of hours and I was literally blown away with how fast and easy the color work was. I figured out how to hole the second color in my right hand and knit with it while still keeping the main color in my dominant left hand... I'm not left handed, I knit umm... continental? I don't know, knitting terms confuse me sometimes. One time the ladies at the mendo yarn shop all gathered around to watch me knit because apparently they couldn't figure out how I did it... 

I'm at this bizarre point in the 2 balls of Mushishi for the Not Noro 2 Row 1x1 Scarf. I am still making progress on the scarf. I can see the new colors in each set of rows, the ends are now touching when I wrap it around my neck... but the balls of yarn are not getting smaller. After I finished Martinmas, I started pulling the balls from the center and have been fascinated with the way the hole in the center forms as I pull the yarn out. This yarn was stored in HUGE cakes for over a year and had tons of time to kink and take shape of the criss crossed yarn, it's incredibly stiff. I have been squeezing the walls of the balls and they are just not getting smaller. It's amazing. I'm soooo not complaining. at all. this shiz is beautiful! it can go on and on and on. I will keep knitting. I do think, though, that there is more of the salmon/maroon than of the turquoise/purple and need to figure out what to do about it.

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