Cloth Diapers and More Practice Frogs

I love my cloth diapers because it makes me know for certain that I am doing at least one thing everyday that is really truly good for my son. I'm one of those people who who really hates to do laundry but every morning the first thing I think about and maybe the 10th thing I get around to doing is washing last nights and yesterdays diapers. I love dumping them into the wash all nasty smelling and gross and pulling them out again all shiny and white. I love putting them out on my porch on my clothes rack all "white trash style" as my mom (sort of) jokingly calls it. The amazing side effect of all this washing is that I get other laundry done too! Because my almost 3 year old is night time potty training and refuses to wear the MotherEase fitted I got her, morning laundry often smells like toddler pee so it's good I have Zen's diapers to encourage me.

Also, here is Practice Frog and Mrs. Practice Frog. Not the best pic, I know, but it was late and I was going to bed. Practice Frog's construction did not stand up to the almost 3 year old so hopefully Mrs. PF works out better. I'm working on PF 3 now and if he works out really well then it'll be onto Real Frog so I can finish this darn binky strap.

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