Yeah, That's Right.

HA!!!! Take that knitting! You tried to defeat me but beat you down in the end! Take that you baby alpaca! I shall hear no more of your bleating! You have bent to my will but alas, I shall miss our long nights watching BBC on Netflix when I know I should be asleep with my babies. I have learned much from you as one should from a worthy nemesis. Now I shall block you (whatever that means, so I'll head back to MYS for advice) and weave in your tails and pass you to your new home with fond memories of our legendary battle for knitting supremacy.
AAHHH, but I am very proud of myself.

PS- I love my fluff. I was thinking about taking a picture of it but I think that should wait until my stash is complete. All the blogs recommend 20-24 for a new born so (luckily for me, unluckily for James) I still have a ways to go! Happy diapering!

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