Life Aspirations

First off, I want to start out by saying Facebook sucks today.

Now, I go and I buy these knitting books or vegan cook books really meaning to change my life and live a more slow food king of life style but I never really cook anything and my knitting always takes for ever. I want to teach my children to eat good food and not waste but my favorite snacks and dinners come out of boxes and I like new clothes. Don't get me wrong, I don't really shop for myself, I'm still wearing my only pair of prego pants. I really spend my money on yarn and cloth diapers and organic processed food. yum... but I should be cooking for my loves not feeding them out of a box. I try... ok, lie. I think about trying to feed them better, but then I get distracted and forget to start dinner by 6 and we end up having quesadillas or mac and cheese or cereal. Some day I will get it together enough to do these things but now, I have to hang the diapers in the sun and take a nap...

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