Funny Chat with K Bean and Camping Pictures

Awesome conversation with K Bean about her baby doll:
"Mommy, this is my baby."
"Oh, he's so cute. What's his name?"
"Baby Man Child."
"Really? I like that name. How old is he?"
"Six weeks?"
"Yeah, six weeks."
"What does he eat?"
"My boobies."

Yes she really said that, it was so cute I almost cried. Add this to the time I saw her nursing one of her stuffed animals and how she put a 'cloth diaper' on one of her babies, I think she is on her way to being a great mom some day. Oh and to toot my own horn, my aunt Karen told my mom she thinks I'm a good mom and my mom agreed with her! YAY! And Uncle Dave told my brother how "easy to get along with" K Bean is... sigh, now I just hope I don't have to yell at her tomorrow.

On to the pics. These are from camping at Standish-Hickey right before we had the Man Child. Starring Aunt Colleen, Leanna, Brian and Duncan (my bros), J Wizzle, and K Bean. Oh and me and the belly, of course.
Crazy Cousin Leanna and K Bean in the water. We had to drape my tank top and Leanna's
bandanna around her so she wouldn't get a sun burn. She looked so darn cute.

Happy Family. Wade-o and K's first time camping. My first time in years, we used to go
all the time with Mom and Dad and my brothers to this same place. I love Standish-Hickey.

Floating like this felt so great, I could feel Fetus Man calm down and sort of relax. All the
pressure that had been on my back lifted and we both got really comfortable.
ok, this is crazy Leanna. If you look really closely you can see some people sitting up on the rock
thinking about jumping in, then look a little further up the rock and there are some more people sitting, thinking about jumping. Well, they thunk soooo long, poor Leanna got bored, climbed higher up and then jumped. Yeah, then she swam over and said something like "These are nothing, you should see the ones we jump off at home."
Brian and Duncan, burning things. Sweet.
Leanna, teaching K to swim. K Bean had sooo much fun with her... 2nd cousin? First cousin twice removed?
My old lady self, watching from the beach. Side note, I got that umbrella the first time I went to Germany.
Brian playing the banjo. Duncan and Bean eating. She really likes to dance and sing when Uncle
 Pookie gets out his banjo.
Camping bed time.

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