Diaper Review #1 FuzziBunz One Size

Soooo... I love these.

First the pros- they are super adjustable. Not only do they have re-sizeable leg elastics BUT there is also an adjustable waist elastic. which means that to get the best leak protection around the waist you have both the snaps and the elastic in the back. I didn't even know they were there until the Man Child was big enough to fit right anyway. I really could have used this knowledge when I was ready to burn all my FuzziBunz because they were leaking out the waist. I love the pocket, you can add and subtract inserts for daytime and nighttime use. I have even been without a real insert of any brand so I used a pre-fold. And it rocked that bad shit! holla.
Oh AND they come with both a small insert for new borns and light wetters and a large insert for bigger babies. The Man Child has been on the large inserts for about a month and a half... he's 4 1/2 months old. AND they come with replacement elastics because the leg elastics wear out before any other part of the diaper. according to the website. because Man isn't really old enough to have worn out anything yet. and anytime a company voluntarily gives you replacement parts thats a bonus right?
Oh AND (I know right...) you don't have to change the dipes all the friggin time. Man and I can go every 2 hours, 1 1/2 sometimes... before a change.
Plus, they are really easy to wash. I get that question all the time, "oh but aren't cloth diapers suck to wash? i mean ew..." and I always say in my politest voice, "no, ass, all you do is throw them in the wash as follows- cold, short cycle. pre-wash solution optional. hot, heavy wash, with special cloth diaper soap. hot rinse. done."
"oh but doesn't that use a lot of water?"
"again, no (you're still an ass). it takes as much water as an adult who flushes the toilet every other time they go."
Plus being the awesome lazy mom that I am, I don't rinse my diapers before I put them into the washer. With Thirsties Pre-Wash and EBF (exclusively breast fed) baby poo, you don't really need to. But, I do plan on buying a sprayer when the Man Child stars eating real food.

Cons- I am pretty sure these dipes are made in China. So if you are looking for Made In America, these aren't your bag baby. Then there is the fact that they get that awful used micro-fleece smell. Not awesome. BUT super easy to fix- just add a little vinegar to the rinse cycle every other wash. Inserts only, though apparently the vin can ruin the PUL shell. and that would suck. Next, some people say that PUL wicks BUT if you toss it in the drier on HOT it will help re-seal the leaks. Also, it can be really hard to get all 6 snaps on right if your baby is having a really good time and playing the "kick-kick-kicking" game. a big fave in our house.

Over all I say "Hells yeah, buy them shits fo yo baby's shits!"

The Man-Child pre change.
"ah, mom. I'm a little pissed that my but is slightly moist. Deal with it. please."

Man-Child mid change
"Hells yeah, I can feel breeze on my bum. um Sweet!"

Man-Child post change.
"ahhhh, this is soooo nice. Soft fleece on my nether regions.
Now all I need is some boob and I'll be a happy bub!"

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