Discouraged or, Let Me Wallow In Self-Pity For Just A Moment

So it turns out that selling knits you made by following someone else's pattern is like a big no-no in the knit world. poo. What if I give massive credit to the book I got my patterns from and sell them cheeper? But it isn't like they are 100% by the book so to speak, the pattern was inspiration for other things yet to come... does it still count? I'm bummed.

I was getting really good hits on this darn blog and was starting to think of putting ads up as a way to generate revenue... then I posted that piece about Christians being so self-rightous. And my hits fell off almost completely. Or, maybe I haven't posted anything interesting since then. I just want everyone to know, I was talking about one guy in particular and making a general statement about the rest of the word. I do that when I get mad. Sorry. I got a great comment from someone who actually read that blog and she said what I was thinking, that not all christians are like that, there are more who are charitable, good folks who know what they believe and why. Thank M & L.

J Dub told me he didn't want to promote the blog anymore because he didn't want to mix his personal life with the folks on facebook. He actually said that he promote in Twitter because he "didn't know all of his followers." Wait, if you know who the people on facebook are and you DON'T want them knowing about your family, why is it better for people you don't know looking at us? I don't get it. I know that because he is in a certain industry he has to look available and I don't really let it bother me but it was nice knowing that he was proud enough to share the blog on his page...

I just have been feeling that typical high school feeling of "hey, you know, you might think you're cool. You might think things are looking up. But really? You aren't shit and nothing you do matters much."
I want to go back to bed, too bad I love Kaya and have to function for her...


Candace said...

Don't be discouraged about anything. You are a good person with a great mind and you are not afraid to express it.

This too shall pass and I will add you to my blog roll. I changed over so I still have to set it up but you will be first on the list.

Myn and Lu said...

:( Hope things start looking up soon.
I didn't know you made knit hats. I have a problem where I don't look enough at people's backstories and just sort of jump into their blogs. Leave your contact info on my blog because I was JUST about to go on etsy looking for a knit hat for my kiddo. I'd rather get it from you.