Yay, 2 Glorious Mornings

So after my really sad, self-pitying morning yesterday, things really turned around. I think the Bean really picked up on my sadness and she did her best to cheer me up:

"Mommy, I'm gonna be the Mommy and you be the baby."
"oh, ok."
(in her 'nice mommy' voice) "Come here, Baby"
"Ok Mommy."
she reached out and pulled my head to her chest and started patting me on the neck.
"It's ok Baby. Don't be said, Mommy loves you."
"I love you too, Mommy."

She probably would have played a bit more but I had to get her ready for daycare, we were late. again. as always. It did give me time to stop and think about the example I set for her. She knows to comfort me when I am sad because I take the time to help her work through her emotions. She also knows that a great wat to get out of handing me things is to say in a very dramatic voice "Oh Mommy, I just can't... I'm sooo tired..." Again, it makes me think of my example. Now while I wish to improve what I show her I also don't want to be that mom who can do it all and everyone thinks she's amazing but is secretly in the back downing her kid's ridalin and setting an unachievable goal.
After I dropped K Bean off at daycare, I was sitting in my car still feeling sorry for myself and thinking about how I'm not doing "It" right. You know, that mythical parenting "It" with a capital I. Any way- feeling sorry, It, blah blah- when my dear friend Raintree called and asked if the Man Child and I wanted to walk with her and her little one. I could think of nothing, literally NOTHING, I would rather be doing so of corse I said "See you there!"
That walk was such a remedy for my soul. No matter what Raintree was been through, she is always so sunny and easy to talk to about everything. Sometimes I laugh at our mutual admiration society. She is amazed that I am raising 2 kids essentially by myself, and I can't imagine having my baby in the NICU and heart surgery at 4 months! She is so brave and driven to give her baby the best possible baby and child hood. Anyway, we talked about nothing and everything, really just looking at the coastline in this beautiful place we are lucky enough to live in. Walking in the wind and smelling the air really refreshed me. The rest of the day was soo smooth I almost didn't believe it was the same day as that morning!

The Man Child and Angel Baby. BFFs!

After we got home that night and the babies were asleep, I got a txt from a wonderful friend who sounded like she needed a good pick me up sooo- stayed up really late and baked cookies! ok- i wanted cookies too, lol. I made vegan, gluten free chocolate chip cookies and this morning, when we were all awake and done with our birthday chocolate chip pancakes (more about that in a moment) we packed up some cookies and delivered them to my friend and made her smile. I also finally delivered the finished binky straps to Origin and I hope to start up my Etsy shop soon.
OK so- birthday chocolate chip pancakes. My mom used to make us M&M pancakes on our birthdays when we were kids and now I get to do the same for mine! K Bean's birthday is this saterday! Unfortunately I have to work in the morning of her actual birthday so today seamed like as good a day as any for her special pancakes.
It all started because of a beautiful North Coast walk with an inspirational Mum and her magical Baby.

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raintree said...

Oh you Sweetheart! I SO enjoyed our time together!!! You are the best!!I sooo love you!!! Let's do it again soon!