I feel like everything in my life is boiling down to too much 'same-ness' right now. I do the same thing every day- I care for my kids as best as I can, I clean (sort of), I prepare the same foods over and over. I write about the same things on my blog- struggling to raise my kids without shouting or timeouts, valuing their opinions and emotions, helping them cope with Daddy being gone all the time. I even knit the same things, although my little creations are super cute, the are the same. Always the same. J Dub comes home and we have the same fights, the same agreements, the same snuggles. K Bean cries about the same loneliness of missing her father and not getting enough time from me or not enough jelly sandwiches. Zenjamin, well, he's a baby so there isn't much going on there anyways...
K's 3rd birthday is coming up and that will be a few days of different, but not really. She told me she "just wants us" at her party. I had to lead her to invite my parents and brother... who she loves and some of her friends. I want to do something new and exciting but what? What can I do to break up the monotony of my daily life? It isn't that I don't love my life, my kids, my man... it's just that, well, I love chocolate but if I have (get?) to eat it everyday wouldn't I get sick? Or not love it anymore?
So what do you do to make your days go by with more fun, more adventure... more 'different'?

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