I've noticed that we watch a lot less tv when Huz is away. When he is home I think he feels guilty for having to work or help around the house so instead of letting the kids feel bored he puts on a show or something. I skip the guilty feeling and let them stay bored because guess what... in 10 minutes, they usually aren't bored any more, they'll have found something to play with or think about or write on or sit in. Like right now... KaBean is sprawled out on the floor "writing invitations and contracts for Uncle Duncan's Birthday." The ManChild is working on figuring out the kid digital camera and riding in the dolly cradle like a sailor lost at sea. We're all waiting around for lunch to cool itself. hmmmm... maybe i should get on that. Boredom is a very important part of developing imagination and independence. I love watching these Little Ones of mine work out new things, explore random things in the house, act out elaborate stories with the bears and critters all over the place.

The problem comes when we've been too bored for too long. Stuck in the house during the hottest weeks in Vegas and our car's air conditioner went out, plus it's passed time to get her just checked over and oil changed and things, so we haven't really been able to go anywhere. Each day we do an art project, we talk about plants or cooking or magic or whatever. We read stories, we wrestle and rough house, we take hours long baths... but still, we get bored, we feel cooped up, we can't wait to hit the road.

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raintree said...

"plants, cooking, magic",...mmmmmm <3