The Bean Says Something Funny and My Letters to the State and the Taxpayers.

So, KaBean really thinks it is the 90's. She is brining back the "Not". As in, wow mom this chicken is super yummy. NOT!  Only she says it like people say "Sure enough!"

"Hey Bean, wanna brush your teeth?"
"Ummm... Sure not."

Like its one word- surenot. Cracks me up! She is really starting to open up to me, well family in general, and say new things. I can see it on her face when she is trying out a new word. When she wants to tell me about something new or repeating something from Angelina Ballerina.  Lately she has been trying to pronounce things more like she hears in her shows, both of which come out of the UK. So she decided to call her new doll Molly Monstah. She tries other words like Feather, Helicopter (this is probably the funniest), Danger and Car. all pronounced with this awesome flat ah sound at the end. but the way it comes out after the helikoptah. hahahhaaa so funny!

So, here is my thank you note to the state.

Dear State of California-
Thanks for dinner. My kids and I really appreciate the wonder full food you bought us. (Really, I'm really glad that the FoodStamp program in this state allows for organic food.)
But I had a really shitty time. You made me feel a little bit like slime because my man works and does the best he can and NO I do not want to sue him for child support. Like I was some half person for stepping up and admitting that my family needs your help. I mean sure, you were nice in that sort of generic-average friendly office worker ways. But thru our whole first date you looked at me like I didn't deserve to walk even behind and to the left of you. But go ahead, give the crazy crack head lady that hangs out at the recycling center her Cash Aid, I'll sit here and brainstorm what she does with it. I really loved the way you said things. Like "FAILURE TO COOPERATE"  and "RIGHTS" like it is some dirty word.
So, honestly, thanks for the help. But maybe next time, after you screw me for personal information how about leaving a flower with the money.
The World's Worst Homemaker

Now to the tax payers- Thank you. I don't know if anyone has ever said this to those taxpayers reading this. Thank You. I am so grateful that we have been able to receive help in this bumpy moment in our lives. I wanted you to know that "those enablement programs" do really help real people who have been effected by the economy. We are really out there. And we really really appreciate the help.
Thank you


Anonymous said...

1st--KaBean. I have to tell you I believe she got that from this side of the family, as when we lived on the farm there were some kind of spider they referred to as sewer spiders. He would run into the room saying hewer hider dammaw, hewer hider. (b)in his words: Are we doeing to my dammaw who lives on the dirt woad? *yes son* big sigh- I peel like a piece of wood. I said you feel like a piece of wood? His daddy asked him with a chuckle "Son, are you board?" son simply replied with the same sigh es I peel like a piece of wood.*He would go to the wood working shop with my husband and my husband would nail a piece of wood to the work bench, give him the sanding block and instruct him to sand that "board". His sitter often said she felt "board" and they would take him to the kiddy pool..hence: I peel like a piece of wood!! We laughed till we had tears. He was in speech for 6 months in kindergarden, when he graduated he thought he was being punished and cried..we had to explain to him that he was doing good is why he didn't have to take speech. one last thing-his nick name was monster baby. We will save that story for another time. Just thought I'd share since KaBean was at that adorable age.
#2 We were in a bind. The oilfield shut down and he was over qualified for manh other jobs. Is that not the shits. You have a man with a family car, house, expenses, and they lable them as overqualified. So like your situation, only half way across the USA,,I swallowed my pride and went to the local dept. of human services..of course besides making you feel like whale shit they want you to file charges on the father of your child for child support,, I won't go into that part further. However, when my husband was again gainfully employed I called the precious DHS and informed them we would no longer need their services. I too thank you Taxpayers for helping someone not on drugs or alcohol we were just going through a "bumpy patch". Well although I called them reporting we no longer needed help...what happens??????? We recieve approx $300.00 of food stamps. So I think I have to drive these over and give them back as I am sure someone else can use them. I get there and explain how my husband had found a job (remember the guy they wanted me to file charges on for non-payment of childsupport whom I was married and living with) and here was the food stamps and I thanked them and tried to leave thinking I was doing the right thing. OH NO...you can't bring them back..those are yours. I tried and tried to explain to them I felt it wrong to keep something when someone else might need them. I was ok. After an hour and them calling out the director, he said consider this a way to fill up your freezer and use the money you would have used for food on catching up on some bills or restocking on supplies. I never understood it and felt guilty, but they simply REFUSED to let me return them and them give them to someone that needed them. They had never encountered such aa situation and in reality didn't know how or didn't want their books messed up. So thanks for the extra help taxpayers..
#3 Thanks TWWH for being brave and talking about the humilation our state governments put the unfortunate tax payers thruogh as well as the adorable KaBean's growing personality development. I admire your boldness, and bravery of sharing some really intament stories of your life.
#4 California and the rest of the states...start drug testing your clients and make contributing citizens in a slump feel as important as the drugies and alcoholic's. Thank you for allowing me to express myself on your blog. Hugs and Loves Aunt Julie

William F Ryan IV said...

How nice to be thanked! You're very welcome.

a Taxpayer