Molly Monsta

So this is my first real sewing project. Ever. I have never really been good at this sort of thing but since I had the Man Child I have been really into making things for the people I love with my hands. 
After I had all her parts sewn together, I cut out a small red felt heart and sewed Bean's (real) name into and stuffed it. The I wrote power words, like love and kindness and strength, on pieces of scrap fabric and put them all inside the monster so that Bean will carry my love with me every place she goes. This was a very rewarding experience, when I finally presented Bean with her finished Monster she took it in her arms and gave it a big hug and rushed off to show it all her toys. When she came back, I asked her "what is her name?" 
"Oh that is a good name, Molly the Monster."
"No, mommy...
Step one- lots of monster parts.

Step 2- hey look, a monster body!

Step 3- a bright pink head attached to the monster body.

Step 4- stuffing! cupcakes optional. sorta. not really. ok, you need cupcakes.

Step 5- love and a name. and eaten cupcakes. chocolate. with chocolate chips on top.
"Her Name is Molly. Molly Monsta!"

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