So in my attempt at playing Farmama, The kids and I spent the weekend at my mom's house working in the yard and crafting. Here are some awesome pictures my mom took of us today. Oh most of them were taken on mom's hipster-matic app. so they look funny. really, read her blog. she will inspire you.

K Bean helping me cut back the lavender.

Tanking leaves (and ping pong stuff) to the burn heap. We didn't let her leave the ping
pong stuff to be burned... that would be bad.

AHHHH!!! Scary monster in the garden!

Garden Gnome

And now onto our craft- I am making Kaya a Monster. A monster made out of old pajamas. This cool book shows you how to cut up your old clothes and make them into other things- like Monsters!!! By using the old clothes you don't have to pay for fabric to get new dolls. Plus it is super inspiring, maybe I will learn enough after a few monsters, I'll know enough to start making my own things...?

All the Monster parts, plus mom's old elna sewing machine, and the book with the Monster instructions

There is the Monster body with no head. or legs.
She is a Nice Monster. Not Scary.

Now I'm stuck her becasue some how I fucked up the tension on the sewing machine and now the fabric curls up as I sew. lame. Tomorrow I will call my mom and see if she can help me fix it.  So even though I can't stuff her I turned her right side out so I could see her. Here you go-

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Maya said...

How cool! I wish that I could sew.