Changing My Life- One Room, One Meal, One Project At A Time

I cooked again! Yeah I did! Tonight I made cheesy broccoli and potatoes and hamburger. It was all organic and all delicious! KaBean even ate it! Wellllll, sorta- she didn't want hers but she ate almost a whole bowl worth of mine. and she liked it. yes she did. Woot!!!
So I actually cooked a good dinner beeee-cause...... I cleaned my kitchen really well. I washed all the dishes, wiped the counters down and rinsed all the milk bottles to bring back to the market. So all the surfaces are clean but I still need to do the floors. poo.
One thing that feels really good and positive and that I think is helping me relate better to my kids is my new intrest in my projects. I got that wonderful loom that I have been working on. You know, trying to do color work and what not... Then there is my new collection of yarns! I got 24 new balls of yarn, that would be close to thousands of yards of fiber! oh my god squee!!! I have tons of fun very cool, very new projects to cast on the needles and I just can not wait for it!!! And then there is the. biggest. news............................
I GOT A SPINNING WHEEL!!!!!!! yaayyy!!! oh my god yay. oooohhhh ooohhhhhhhh!!! yayay oh my god, i can't contain myself. aaahh....
Being more creative in my own right helps me create with the littles. They need me to play and color and paint and play. lol.

I feel like my depression is lifting and I am slowly getting back to myself.

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