My First Ever Homespun Yarn

WOOT!!!!! I have so far successfully completed 2 balls of 2 ply home spun yarn and knit them up. The thing I am knitting out of my first attempts at spinning with a wheel is called "The Evolution of Skill" lol. It has no shape or function really, the yarn is thick and fluffy in some places and thin and hard and poky in others. There is nothing consistent about it, except that I keep practicing and that it is still fun and exciting!
When Jess and I were looking for videos on how to make the wheel work we found no videos or pictures showing the parts or the skills it takes to learn to spin. When I was trying to learn the drop spindle, I found nothing at all that had helpful tips for beginners, they were all done by people who are already very good at the craft. So I decided I would chronicle my spinning journey from almost beginning to... somewhere (lol) in hopes that seeing what it looks like to be a beginner will help others trying to teach themselves how it works. But I haven't edited the clips down yet so for now, here is a picture of my first homespun yarn ever, all knit up.

And here is a picture of my WIPs basket and my mountain of yarn...

and part of my loom...

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