So I have felt a bit stagnant in my writing... but not so much in life... hmmm.
Things are slowly improving here, tho I admit I am still feeling a bit stuck in my energy... I feel it coming back bit by bit and I can't help but worry that it will all be drained when we get back from my grandma's house.

Ok but I am not here to whine tonight... I am here to talk about knitting! yay!

Ok so- I started my first pair of socks... not only am I knitting socks, I am knitting little girl socks. which is really hard. like tricky hard. and they're pink. What can I say, I made the mistake of letting her pick the yarn. So far they look really nice (except for the color lol), I worked little seed stitch clusters into the leg part... cute.
Next- I have this fluffy yellow yarn that I got a thrift shop that is very light weight. So I am knitting it into a fluffy neck warmer-ish lace thing. based on this pattern. So far it looks pretty cute!
And last but not least I was working on what I thought would be a really cute hat until I actually started to knit it and realized that "oh no, this looks like a penis" and sooooo I started again. and again. And now I think I have it. Jess came over and brought some beer and a chat and she said "don't worry about it. just knit." and so that is what I shall do. eep!

So I got a ton of really nice yarn at the yarn sale this weekend and I really want to work with that but I feel like I need to let the perfect project present itself...

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