Update #2

So today was not perfect, but oh so much better! I did find myself in that place where I usually blow up but because I was aware of it and because I am learning to remember the triggers, I was able to pull away before it boiled over. When it was time to go, I could feel KaBean's attention slipping away from me and the process of dressing to go outside. So instead of letting her slip away until I freaked out trying to get her to do what I tell her, I sat down, took a few deep breaths and calmly spoke to her about what I was feeling and how our actions were beginning to upset me. We talked about what we needed to do before we could get in the car and what we were going to do once we started driving. I just had to slow down and not feel so rushed. We were on no time limit so it isn't like we had go fast or anything.
The day isn't over yet, but I still feel confidant that we can get thru this rut.

thanks for the support.

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dulce de leche said...

Many, many hugs to you (and some hood chocolate!).