I Sooo Made Dinner.

hells yeah I did. I cooked! I chopped the veggies and... well, not much else really. I guess I stirred the pot a bit too. I made "I wonder if this stuff will cook well together" Soup. I sauted the onions then added 2 whole chicken breasts and let those cook for a bit, then tossed in some garlic. cook cook cook simmer simmer simmer. Then I added a box of organic veggie stock and some bright orange lentils. cook cook cook simmer simmer simmer. Then some carrots and celery. I only let those steam a bit because I hate mushy veggies. Then it was done. simple yes, boring... um yeah, that too. But it is way better than the jelly sandwiches and fruit and cereal I have been serving lately.

I decided to make soup because the huz came home and started whining about "I don't feel good... waaa" so I thought to myself "when a huz doesn't feel good a good wife makes him organic chicken soup." So that is what I did. Then he goes and tells me he isn't hungry and doesn't want any. Then KaBean chimes in "I don't like it Mommy" just so you know, she hasn't even looked at it yet.

And so, here I am, enjoying what turned out to be a delicious soup all bymyself because I just don't have it in me to fight every one about dinner.

When it is gone I'm going to the coffee shop.

Edited to add-
I ended up going to a bar (oooh fancy a real grown up place where no kids may tread!) with Melinda and eating real fancy grown up food and drinking a stout. mmm. It was very nice, we chatted and relaxed and it was chill. I came back to the house to find everything pretty mellow. Wade-O had indeed eaten some of the soup but then said it was too much. "Well you didn't have to take so much," said I. "No there was too much in the pot," quoth he. "I don't understand what that has to do with anything. I'm going to my mom's to watch Idol," replied I.
So I packed up the Man Child and fter making it very clear that KaBean HAD to be in bed (not asleep just you know, lying down in her space) by 8:30. So what did I find when I came home at almost 10? I found Wade-O asleep and KaBean sitting up watching another Kipper. When I woke up Huz to ask him to please put Bean to bed it woke up Man Child. Then Bean didn't want to brush her teeth and so the bedtime that I thought he would have just done, because he is the father, became this big episode that I had to direct and force. lame.
I had a really good day, lots of thrifting, new yarn, yarn sales, 10% off everything at my favorite grocery store (weee-session Wednesday), drinks with a very good friend dinner... ahhh... I should have known it was too good to last.
oh well, things are getting better over all and despite his uselessness, I am 100% glad to have my man back home

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jd.bizzle said...

You need a like button. I would have liked this and your soup.