Let's Write About Diapers... Cloth Diapers!

My toddler has stinky pee. yes she does. I don't know if other toddlers have stinky pee. People don't really talk about it I guess. It's ok for her to have stinky pee if I remember to put a diaper on her at night, right now she uses the Thirsties covers and either a flip instert or a BumGenius bamboo fitted and that works great. Unnnnnnnnfortunately, I often forget (I stay up too late knitting or spinning) and so she has a big night time accident. right next to me. at night. like last night. And maybe tonight... I forgot again. oh Duh- I will jump up and put one on her.

HA! Done.

Anyway, to the point. I have finally built up a stash that allows me to go every other day for laundry. Which is rad. The problem is that leaving KaBean's overnight diapers sit overnight builds up a great amount of stink. Like ammonia. gross i know. After scouring the internet for ideas on how to get rid of the stink I have found that ~a cold wash with Thirsties Pre-Wash ~a hot soak with 2 tbs of Rockin'Green for a few hours, the you know, just close the lid and let the wash cycle run ~one last hot wash every 3 or 4 wash days, but usually just a cold full wash or a hot rinse~ works the best! For about 2 weeks there has been no stink when I pull the dipes from the dryer or the kids wear them. score one for the mom team.

On these cloth diaper pages I see a lot of people asking how others travel with CDs. There is always a long list of suggestions about how to organize 78 different bags for different travel scenarios... but here is my cents: JUST DO IT. Take those bad boys out. Show off those awesome prints and that unnecessary collection of Baby Legs. Bring enough for the trip X 2 or call ahead and ask about laundry. Bring your wet bags and your butt spray. Make sure to bring plenty of wipes (I just bring all my wipes because you never know...). Check that you have your trustiest diapers, or the ones you don't mind losing, depending on how you roll I guess. Toss them all into your suitcase pack the diaper bag for just travel time and off you go! Easy. I've made 2 week long trips and many many day or overnight trips and every time it gets easier. I love my diapers, even if they start to smell. Every problem has a solution. love it!

now i will go cut up my spinning video to share with you...

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