Did That Really Just Happen???

The Man Child soothed himself to sleep after a short nurse session. No, he didn't cry or fuss himself to sleep, he played and talked and sang and sucked his paci and his fingers and fell asleep. score 1 for the mom team.
The Bean watched Kipper in my lap when it became clear the Man Child didn't need me, then without warning Kipper ended and she was ready to go to sleep. She let me put on her night time diaper and asked me to carry her to bed. She lay down next to her brother and held his hand and fell right asleep. score 2 for the mom team.

What? no story? no teeth brush? you might ask... Well, HA! We did those things already! We are starting to form a solid bed time routine. Something we had super down when Bean was just a baby, before we moved back to California. We take our dog for a walk around the block twice, then we all take a shower together, then we brush our teeth together, then we sit and read somewhere between 2 and 15 stories (depending on the baby's mood). Then I put on a short Kipper or Angelina Ballerina for KaBean to watch while I nurse the Man Child in bed. Then when Kipper is over, Bean goes to bed! So far it has been working well. I think the thing is to just find a rhythm and not be afraid to let it change and evolve. That doesn't mean ignoring it though. Even if tomorrow night's rhythm is different from tonight's I still need to be aware of the underlying song in all things. Especially those things relating to raising kiddlets.

Now- to wash the dishes and spin some yarn on my drop spindle.

ooooo ps- I get to take my new spinning wheel to the LYS tomorrow so Lenora can help me getting it working again! woot!!!

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