Cabin Fever

These kids of mine are going stir crazy. I try to take them out every day, at least a little. A stroll around the neighborhood at least. Or to the grocery store. Or on the bus. But it isn't enough for my free range kids. I can tell we are having more power struggles as KaBean starts to get older and needs more freedom but is receiving less. Since I know we will not be here in Las Vegas for very long, I am reluctant to put her into any type of activity or class environment lest she becomes attached to it because leaving is hard for her. This is not a place I will put roots down, so... so why put down roots? Hopefully in a few days we will go Home for a week to get our car and see our friends. And when we come back, we will have a car and can do more stuff. Like the Children's Museum and the climbing gym. And more Farmer's Markets. And I'll be able to go to spinning night at Wooly Wonders, and knitting night with the Sin City Knits folks off Ravelry. For now, though, we're stuck at home, trying to find creative ways to pass the time and beat the heat. 

We play Candyland endlessly, and matching cards, and we color and paint, I even let the kids play with their very own wool. But I'm running out of ideas that don't involve water and wont leave a horrible mess for their dad for me to clean up. We wrestle, we read stories, we play with the geometric magnets on the fridge. They chase Isis, they share, the beat the crap out of each other... I wish I had a picture of The ManChild's mystery black eye. He's just at that height where everything will hit him in face. It's a Fun stage.  

Do any of you sneaky readers have ideas I could try? I know you folks look here occasionally, so maybe you have some ideas. and while I'm at it, How do I get The ManChild to stop eating crayons?

ps- for those interested- I LOVE the Martinmas Shawl again. see that?  can refer to it without resorting to name calling, that's how happy I am with the pattern right now. I love it. Once I got the gist of the pattern... well, tomorrow is Wooly Wednesday over at spinspiration so you'll just have to wait till then.

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