Still Carless, But I Needed Needles.

Oh my goddess, I've done it. I took public transportation for the first time since I lived in LA. many many moons ago. I went on 2 separate bus trips (but blogger deleted almost this whole post, so this time, it'll just be about the first trip), all for the love of wool. It's true. I wouldn't take a bus to the post office, I'll wait for my car, even though I promised some hand spun to Taryn. I wouldn't take the bus to the book store or Trader Joe's or the Children's meuseaum, but tell me I don't have the right size needles for the Ugly Misunderstood Hat, and I'll take 3 busses across town just to see if the first yarn store I could google, Gail Knits, had them. without calling ahead. 3 busses. for needles, not even yarn. 3 busses for needles that were too expensive after my $5 bus fare. I was a little miffed, but I knew I'd need 6 1/2 inch US 3 DPNs for Kiely's thigh high socks. They had those in my price range, so it wasn't a totally wasted trip.
On the way there, I missed my first transfer stop and had to walk 87 2 blocks back to the street I needed to be on. On the way back, I compensated for missing that transfer stop, so I got off 1 stop too early and had to walk even further to get to a stop that had the right line coming to it. It was 91 degrees that day, but I was alright, I brought water... that eventually turned into iced coffee...

I knit on the bus(ses).

I can't decide if this is the Ugliest Hat Ever, or just misunderstood. If it turns out to be horrible, I can only blame the yarn for being so amazing and demanding to be knit wether I had found the right pattern or not. It's the yarn's fault.

I took pictures of distant mountains and empty fields lots.

Apparently it is considered sideways-glance worthy to knit, take pictures, take pictures of knitting, while on a bus. Who knew?
I came home to this:

That would be my amazing 4 (almost 5, not really, but she insists) year old learning to write. Her 3 favorite letters are 't' 'O' and 'H'... they used to be 'K' 'A' and 'y'... 

Look! I am 100% certain that she wrote 'HOt' intentionally, with no help at all. because she is totally brilliant.


Hinterland Mama said...

This wall looks like so many places around our own home! My 4 year old (not even nearly 5 :) has taken to writing in a BIG way.
His brother, aged 6, has always enjoyed it too.

Thanks so much for dropping by to see me via the Blog Train. I love the diversity of blogs I have discovered through it. ღ

Ballerina Baller said...

:) it's a crazy, fun age!
thanks for stopping by!