Travel, Coffee, Steak, Father's Day Weekend.

The ManChild, KaBean, and I did actually make it back the the coast and they were both amazing on the plane. I spoke to KaBean about sharing space and respecting our fellow passengers and containing ourselves in our seat... and she heard me and functioned amazingly well. When we say Unky Dunky at the baggage claim she was so excited to see him, she almost ran over to hug him... she never really gets excited like that, usually shy. Big hugs, then we saw my dad and put the car seats in the van and headed North. The kids were amazing and my brother was awesome to volunteer to come get us. We met one of my life long BFFs for lunch in San Rafael, and continued on our route to paradise. After just 2 and a half hours of airport/airplane travel we had a 4 hour car ride to survive with the Littles and... they were amazing! until about 7 minuets from Grandma and Grandpa's house, when The ManChild projectile vomited all over everything. poor guy. we almost made it. oh well.

We got here Wednesday and it has been a whirl wind visit. Seeing friends, playing with family... these kids love their uncles, my 2 younger brothers. Tons of time in the forest, the garden, and naked in the mud. Good food made by my mommy, lots and lots of coffee, and steak for The ManChild's breakfast. Yesterday morning, he sat with my dad and watched him eat, saying over and over again "What's dat, gwanpa? what's dat?" until finally I got him his very own plate of little steak pieces and watched him devour it. I don't think we'll ever be able to go veg again. darn kids.

And it also happens to be Father's Day weekend, which always sucks in the Bragg. Tons of people all over my town. jerks. But I think my dad is thrilled with the sort of surprise visit from the former-live-in grandkids. My dad is pretty cool and despite the typical jerk things that dads do sometimes, I think he is amazing and did a good job on all of us. Dad's brother, my Uncle Dave, and his family always come for Father's Day another thing I forgot about i need to pay more attention for Father's Day Abalone Diving. The great thing about all these people being in the house is that I had a whole team of kid watchers! 
I got to go see Annelle at the Mendocino Yarn Shop. Bliss. 

Anyway, I've got a ton of crappy phone pics to share and the best Gratitude Sunday post to share later, after our trip to the beach so I'll end here and see you guys later. Also, if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment just so I know if people are actually reading this bad boy. 
Much Love!


Katieuna said...

I always read! So good to see you, I wish I could have gotten there earlier! Darn, sleeping babies! Love you!

sunshineymama said...

I really enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming. Even though we aren't close friends I still feel like I can hear you saying exactly what you are writing.