Love. Le Sigh...

Can I just say how much I love my knitting basket right now? Well, I do, I love it. I love my port-a-projects. That F@#king Shawl is amazing. I found the exact point of disaster several rows back and made the executive decision not to pull back all the rows because it could be fixed with a fudge on the row I pulled out yesterday... the row with the 2 huge mistakes... I really didn't want to tink back multiple rows with the Mushishi, it just really dislikes that. So the fudge fix has been made and I'm back knitting the rows of lace with speed and happines. I'm ignoring the fact that I really am quite sure the yarn wont last, ignorance is bliss?
I'm also LOVING the Baby Surprise Jacket right now too. It's probably the oddest thing I've ever knit and the directions are sooooo not what I'm used to, but I love it. I really love watching the colors change in the yarn. With all the decreases and random increases and seams, the colors never quite stack up the same way twice. I think part of why I'm enjoying this odd pattern so much is because it is written  in a way that lets me not worry about how many in each row. There is no instruction for each row, just goals to meet. Total number of stitches or ridges or decreases to reach, but not step by step instructions. This means I can knit for a few rows then stop and admire the work, take stock of where I am, keep knitting a few more rows, etc. It is finally starting to be the simple, quick knit I was looking for.
And always in my basket, but actually getting worked on is the Perpetual First Second Sock. This is my first case of Second-Sock-itis and it's a doosey. I love the yarn, the pattern is simple. It's a good quick knit. But it's boring. And I already made one... oh well, I'm close now... a few more rows to the toe, then the toe, then done! I know I can finish this. Lets see... can I finish the PFSS in 7- no- 9 days? Yes? maybe... that would be just a few rows every day. I bet I could. This might be the first real goal I've set myself in a long while. Wanna watch me blow it? fun!


Sarah Bear said...

I just received the BSJ pattern in the mail! I am so confused, looking at it, but I think I just need to see how it works. I have no baby in mind, but it just seemed so interesting!

Ballerina Baller said...

dude, it's awesome. the BSJ forum on rav has a ton of really helpful links and stuff. like, english explanations and stuff, once you get thru the first instruction and figure out how to trust the pattern, it's smooth sailing... weeeee!