Stupidest Knitter of Them All!!!

Well, after the F@#king Shawl kicked my ass and we took a break from each other I decided to do something simple, a garter stitch project. I just got my hands on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop and wanted to try the baby surprise jacket. Lesson learned. I am, for whatever reason, very capable of following a pattern... as long as it involves no numbers. I've had to cast on this stupid jacket 3 times! 3 times!!! Who does that? You know why I had to cast on 3 times? I CAN'T FUCKING COUNT!!!!! what the hell is so hard about counting to 160, then 156, then 152? apparently, everything. Re-reading these instructions is making my head hurt. But I have the right number of stitches, so I'm pressing on.

I may need to break out my F@#king Shawl to relax a bit.

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