Hit the Ground Knitting?

As soon as we got home yesterday, I unpacked my yarn and roving that had accumulated in my trunk some how while visiting the coast and driving back to the desert. 

In that pile you can see some Lorna's Laces, Mohair Laceweight, and new sock yarns. yum. Also pictured in the back is a 1 (or 2, it's too late to be climbing stairs and searching tags) oz baggie of hand died curly locks... again with the label searching. Not pictured is several ounces of mystery wool that has been died a beautiful shade of purple. Lily brought it back from her family adventure. I tried to comb it as soon as I could. My combs are broken. We're not talking about that.

What we are talking about is the new size 11 DPNs I got to finish the Misunderstood Hat.

The only thing standing in the way of this stupid hat being done was that set of needles. I'm simply not magic-loop awesome and really could not do the decreases on a large circular so the hat waited. I took it to mendo with me to visit the Mendocino Yarn Shop and procure said needles for much less than previously found here in Vegas. Our trip was so whirl wind, we were busy...

Looking at Lily's pony eat his lunch...

Picking alllll of Grandma's flowers...

oh, um... yarn... that's some of my very own homespun from months ago getting measured so I can find an appropriate pattern

Ridding the mountain board down the big hill will Uncle Brian.

And of coarse...

The beach with friends.

So now, armed with the size 11 DPNs, I have finished the Misunderstood hat. And very anticlimactically, do not have a picture. It's too dark for crappy phone pics of nice knitting. tomorrow.

ps- i have some great crappy phone pics of our trip to share son too, but for now I have to go do the dishes left in the sink by Huz and Nephew before they left. nothing says welcome home from your solo trip with the kids like a sink full of dirty dishes.

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