Once upon a time, I considered myself to be a moderately skilled airplane traveller. I could negotiate the international terminals with relative ease both before and after 9/11, when everything about air travel changed. I had never been any where exotic, like South America, Asia... Mexico. lol. I had been to Europe a few times before I met Huz and so I felt qualified at least a little to discuss World Travel at parties.

Even after KaBean was born I was flying back and forth from Georgia to California with her at my side. We went often enough that she and I became quite good at getting thru security and waving goodbye to Daddy. Nursing her really, really made a huge difference and there hasn't been a single time where we were That Family and she was That Kid. Even when we flew to Canada to visit Huz's amazing Aunt Robin, KaBean was her usual amazing self. Yes, she did get grumpy and tired and towards the end it was unpleasant, but only because we knew the signs. She became quite and withdrawn, very stubborn. Not much out loud screaming, more silent and angry pouting. That trip I was pregnant with The ManChild but I had Huz and we were able to (thru an amazing blessing) to fly first class.

But those fortunate blessings, two whole sets of hands for one earth side child in extra comfy, spacious seats, are not the details of this coming trip home. It will be me, accompanied by KaBean, the suddenly willful 4.5yo, and The ManChild, The Perpetual Escapee. KaBean seems to remember her traveling days and we have spoken about being quite on the plane and respecting other people's space. The last time we were in a plane was almost exactly 2 years ago maybe i wrote about it here? I'm really not sure what she really remembers and I'm struggling between making sure she knows that she has to stay next to me at all time and if she wants to say to someone I need to be with her... and then not making such a big deal out of it that I freak her out.

Honestly, I might be starting to freak out a little...

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