Another Evil Pattern Trying To Take Me Down.

     I swear, I'll kick this Shawl's Ass if it's the Last Thing I Do

gah! ok, so on day 1, I cast on and knit the first row, only to see that I have no grasp on the concept of counting. On day 2, I frogged this bitch and started over. I was feeling really good about my self till I switched to the new color only to realize that even with markers placed every 25 stitches, I still can't count. But because I am an asshat not very intelligent knitter, I sorta said, oh I'll figure it out, just keep going... Day 3 showed me that I am indeed an idiot and so I frogged it and recast on a 3rd time. The benefit of taking it off with so many rows done is that I got to see how big it will be... MASSIVE. I doubt i'll have enough yarn if i continue down this path. Which I probably will... I won't let this pattern beat me. I love this pattern, it is the most complicated thing I have ever knit, it is going to be gorgeous in the Mushishi... because if it isn't I might cry.

here it is in it's second incarnation... please note that i have faithfully hand copied the pattern into my notebook so i know each row's stitch repeat before i dive in and the number of stitch markers all over the place. oh great goddess of all that is woolly-blended-with-silk, please guide my needles and yarn, and keep the numbers in order in my brain. 

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Sarah Bear said...

Haha! Good luck...I'm sorry there are so many stitches to cast on, but trust me (hopefully?), you'll thank me later.